What’s the simplest way of reducing distress among both parents and children?

It’s the first day of term.  Parents need to be reminded that fees are due. You send them a text. One week later some still haven’t paid and you send them a nice reminder.

Yes, both activities take up time but not as much time as would be taken if you were to post the reminders or try to catch the parents when they arrive to collect their children.

And there’s another advantage.  Text reminders look much more personal than a photocopied letter – parents will think you have texted them personally.  Hence payments will go up.

Or consider this…

You are having a “bring your own toys to school day”.  With all the will in the world some parents will forget.  So the day before and again on the morning of the day, before the parents leave home, you send them a text.

Result: no tears, no upset, no parents rushing back home to get the forgotten toy.  Happiness abounds – parents are grateful.   And no extra work for you – the system texts all involved parents in one go.

Or, as a variation…

You have a costume day.   Same scenario – someone will forget, the child will be distraught, the parent feels guilty.  You send out a text the evening before with a morning reminder, and the number of “forgets” goes right down.

In fact, what you are doing here is making life easier for yourself (bills paid quicker) and the parents (less guilt at forgetting, less harassment with distraught children).

Everyone wins.