Feedback from our customers is really good. The main focus has been:

  • The system is easy to use
  • It does exactly as they want
  • Contacts are easy to upload and edit.

Head of Bessemer Grange Children’s Centre, Carrie Johnson

 I have used other text messaging systems in the past but I’ve found that ‘TextMine’ is far easier to use. The service is fantastic for keeping parents up-to-date with sessions that we are running and saves our staff significant amount of time, as they no longer need to make lots of phone calls. We use the system to give quick reminders to parents and parents have said that this is the best way to keep them updated. We have seen numbers increase at lots of our sessions since using TextMine.” Bessemer Grange Children’s Centre.

Copland Community School and Technology Centre, Andy Lamb

The beauty of TextMine is its immediacy. My students love to leave school knowing that, by the time they reach home, their parents will have received a positive message about them. It has also served as a powerful tool for combating lateness to lessons, lack of homework etc. Although parents obviously prefer to receive positive messages, many have commented that having the information the same day allows them to support both the school and their children. We have also found it to be tremendously useful for contacting all our parents or students en masse.”

Department for Education and Skills / Schoolzone – Independent review extract

This software provides a brilliant service for staff to contact parents, or each other, about school related issues. As all teachers are aware, time constraints often mean that they are unable to contact parents within school hours, but this service allows short messages to be delivered immediately to their mobile phone in the form of a text message.

“It is a very flexible service as it allows groups of parents to know about school functions or notices (for example, a deadline for coursework) or it can be used to contact individuals (for example, to pass a positive comment onto a parent about their child).

“Apart from being time-saving, it is a service that can be accessed via the Internet, allowing staff to send messages from home. In addition, once the information from the school network has been loaded onto the service, staff can access this information from home.

“this service helps to keep staff and parents informed quickly and cheaply.”