Children’s Centres

Communication with parents and staff using text messaging

I have used other text messaging systems in the past but I’ve found that ‘TextMine’ is far easier to use. The service is fantastic for keeping parents up-to-date with sessions” Carrie Johnson, Head of Bessemer Grange Children’s Centre

TextMine – The benefits

  • Your message will be received immediately. This is great for time sensitive messages, for example the cancellation of a session.
  • Contact hard-to-reach parents. Inform them about your range of services.
  • Select which group of contacts you want to reach. Each family associated with your children’s centre will have distinctly different needs.
  • High quality, UK based online text message service without paying for unwanted extra features.
  • Send details of new sessions, half term timetable and advertising new courses and skills workshops.


Can I try the system before I commit?

Yes! Please sign up for our commitment free trial.


Is Textmine hard to set up?

The majority of new TextMine users do not need any support at all – after the initial contact upload they are able to start sending messages straight away. All new users receive an easy to follow user guide.

Those who do need support can receive it by email, on the phone, or through a personal visit. We are, of course, here to support you as much and as long as you need us.


Is Textmine suitable for our Children’s Centre?

The beauty of TextMine is that you get the benefit of a high quality UK based online text message service, without any unwanted expensive add-ons. We are a small company which specialises in children’s centres, nurseries and schools and focus only on text messages. This is reflected in our competitive pricing.

  • No new equipment needs to be bought – just login to a page on our website.
  • Simple to use – type your message, select your contacts and press send!
  • No commitment – with one month’s notice, if you don’t need the service anymore you are free to go.


Do I need any special training to use TextMine?

TextMine is very simple to use and requires no special training. We provide a userguide and we are, of course, available to answer any questions free of charge. Please take a look at our How it Works page to see for yourself.


Does Textmine help our Children’s Centre?

The number of children’s centres that use text messaging is growing. Given that parents generally know other parents of similar aged children, reports of your additional communication and support will spread quickly and will be a most positive “word-of-mouth” advertising campaign for the children’s centre.

  • Tackle social exclusion by texting information on support direct to a parent’s phone.
  • Use text messaging as a marketing tool – market your courses and workshops.
  • Remind parents of new sessions or changes of session times.


The commitment

There is no commitment beyond giving us one month’s notice to terminate.

For more information please call us on 020 8150 6024 or email us at


Technical points

Texts sent out by TextMine can be read on any mobile phone – whether it is one of the older handsets or the latest iPhone.

There is no programming needed for your computer – you simply type the message you want to send into your computer and select the people to whom you want the message sent.



Option 1: £10 per month subscription and 5p per message sent

Option 2: No subscription and 6.8p per message sent (minimum of 250 messages invoiced per month)

*Prices subject to VAT