Communication with parents and staff using text messaging


TextMine – The benefits

  • With Textmine you can contact parents and staff knowing that they will get your message immediately, and read it soon after.
  • Select which groups of parents and staff you want to reach.
  • Send out everything from urgent notices about nursery closures due to bad weather, to reminders, health notices, and “what your child did this week” feedback.


Can I try the system before I commit?

Yes! Please sign up for our commitment free trial.


Is Textmine hard to set up?

About half the nurseries that have set up Textmine in the last three months have not needed any support at all – they simply set it up and start sending messages straight away.

Of those nursery schools that do need support we can give this by email, on the phone, or through a personal visit.  Such calls generally take about 30 minutes to get the nursery up and running, but of course we are here to support you as much and as long as you need us.


Is Textmine suitable for our nursery?

The parents of the children attending your nursery are still very much in the nurturing phase and as such are interested in every small detail of their child’s day.

With Textmine you can give all parents feedback on what was done with the group this week, as well as giving feedback to individual parents on issues relating to specific children.

The point is that when a young child is settling into a nursery for the first time this can be quite an anxious time both for the child and for the parent, and a few messages sent to the parent in the course of the day can save you a lot of time dealing with parental enquiries and engender the feeling that the nursery really does care about that child as an individual.


Do I need any special training to use TextMine?

TextMine is very simple to use and requires no special training. We provide a userguide and we are, of course, available to answer any questions free of charge. Please take a look at our How it Works page to see for yourself.


Does Textmine help our nursery?

The number of nursery schools that use text messaging is growing, but at the moment it is still small. Which means that there is every chance that when the parent realises that he/she can receive messages about the child via text messages the parent will be very pleasantly surprised.

Given that parents generally know other parents of similar aged children, reports of your additional communication and support will spread quickly and will be a most positive “word-of-mouth” advertising campaign for the nursery.


The commitment

There is no commitment beyond giving us one month’s notice to terminate.

For more information please call us on 020 8150 6024 or email us at


Technical points

Texts sent out by Textmine can be read on any mobile phone – whether it is one of the older handsets or the latest iPhone.

There is no programming needed for your computer – you simply type the message you want to send into your computer and select the people to whom you want the message sent.



Option 1: £10 per month subscription and 5p per message sent

Option 2: No subscription and 6.8p per message sent (minimum of 250 messages invoiced per month)

*Prices subject to VAT