Communication with parents and staff using text messaging


My students love to leave school knowing that, by the time they reach home, their parents will have received a positive message about them.” Andy Lamb, Copland Community School and Technology Centre.


TextMine – The benefits

  • Independent of other systems - can still be used if others fail

  • Online system – can be accessed anywhere, perfect if your school is closed

  • Usability – View message delivery status at a glance (unlike many competitors)

  • Flexible contact upload - Integrates easily with SIMS, CMIS etc

  • Easy group creation -  For example, year groups, houses, school trips


Can I try the system before I commit?

Yes! Please sign up for our commitment free trial.


Is Textmine hard to set up?

The system is online and once you have a password you can login and start using the system to send messages. There is no complicated software to set up or anything additional to purchase.

The system is very simple to use, but any support that is needed can given by email, on the phone, or through a personal visit.  Such calls generally take about 30 minutes to get the school up and running, but of course we are here to support you as much and as long as you need us.


Is Textmine suitable for our school?

TextMine is an established company and the choice of many schools, even after trialling major competitors. As the system is online, it can be used independently of other systems. This is very useful if the school is shut or the other system fails.

Contact upload from other databases is simple. We find the best way to get a feel for the system is to have a go yourself. Please contact us if you would like a free trial.


Do I need any special training to use TextMine?

TextMine is very simple to use and requires no special training. We provide a userguide and we are, of course, available to answer any questions free of charge. Please take a look at our How it Works page to see for yourself.


The commitment

There is no commitment beyond giving us one month’s notice to terminate.

For more information please call us on 020 8150 6024 or email us at


Technical points

Texts sent out by Textmine can be read on any mobile phone – whether it is one of the older handsets or the latest iphone.

There is no programming needed for your computer – you simply type the message you want to send into your computer and select the people to whom you want the message sent.